Fauna & Flora

Pastural vacation

Come meet the shepherds in the green Suusamyr Valley and the majestic Son Kul Lake. You will discover life at the pastures. Explore the stunning landscape and get familiar with nomadic life under yurts.

3h 30m-200km

Day 1The green valley of Suusamyr

Bishkek - Suusamyr valley

  • Your guide will meet you at the hotel at 9 a.m. Together, you will leave towards the magnificent Suusamyr Valley,

Suusamyr valley - Kyzyl-Oi

  • We then take a dirt road to the small village of Kyzyl-Oi. We follow the great Kekemeren River, where landscapes gradually change colors and take on a bright red tone. Once we reach the village, you can go for a walk in the surroundings.

Meal and accommodations
Lunch: Prepared by your team
Dinner: Guest house
Accommodation: Guest house
4h 20m-180km

Day 2 - 3Under Yurts in Son Kul Lake

Kyzyl-Oi - Son Kul lake

  • We arrive on the shores of Son Kul Lake. This huge alpine lake is an important water reserve in Kyrgyzstan. Nestled in the celestial mountains, it is located at 3016 m (9895 ft) above sea level. Its crystal clear water changes colors depending on the weather, which can change every hour. The lake takes on blue, turquoise and sometimes even orange colors. It hosts nomadic shepherds and their herds in the warm months of summer.

Day 2

  • We can go horseback riding to explore the lake and its stunning landscape.

Day 3

  • You can enjoy the day, relax, and discover the daily life of our host family. You might be lucky enough to attend the production of Kumys, the local mare milk, or see how shepherds gather their herds.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Guest house (2)
Breakfast: Homestay (3)
Lunch: Local restaurant (2)
Lunch: Homestay (3)
Dinner: Homestay
Accommodation: Yurt Homestay

Day 4The national park of Chon Kemin

Son Kul lake - Kochkor

  • We leave Son Kul for the village of Kochkor, famous for its local development initiatives. We visit a felt fabric held by an association of women. They make traditional felt rugs, shyrdak, and other handicraft.

  • Then, we’ll get to see a traditional Kyrgyz music concert. The program includes the performance of a Manaschi, as well as national instruments and songs.

Kochkor - Chon-Kemin National Park

  • We make it to the Chon Kemin Valley, a natural park rich with glaciers, lakes, gorges and pine forests. We go for a walk in this splendid landscape.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Homestay
Lunch: Local restaurant
Dinner: Homestay
Accommodation: Yurt Homestay

Day 5Back to Bishkek

Chon-Kemin National Park - Bishkek

  • This morning, we take our horses to explore the Chon Kemin Valley.

  • We stop to visit the ruins of the Burana Minaret, a Jami mosque destroyed in the 13th century during invasions. The monument is rich in history, archeological findings and legends, and belongs to the Unesco world heritage. We can climb at the top of the tower to get a beautiful view on the valley and the mountains. We’ll also visit the museum on site.

  • This marks the end of our trip. We enjoy a last glance on the stunning Kyrgyz mountains while on the road. Drop-off at your hotel in Bishkek, where you'll be able to rest after an extraordinary adventure.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Homestay
Lunch: Homestay
duration 5 days. International flight not included.

from 300€ (per person)

Directly ask from local agency.


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