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It’s really important for our agency that you enjoy an authentic Kyrgyz experience during your tip. Our priority is to help you meet locals and live with them, so that you can discover the culture and traditions of the country. This is why we always include the opportunity for our clients to spend the night in homestays. It’s a great opportunity to see and understand the daily life of modern Kyrgyz people.

We usually include two types of accommodation in our programs: in yurts or in houses. Hospitality is a key component of the Kyrgyz culture, and we are certain that you will feel the pride of your hosts to welcome you in their home.


This type of housing is, nowadays, only available during the summer months, when Kyrgyz shepherds go to the jailoos (pastures) with their herds.

• Yurts for tourists are put up next to the family’s own yurt. They can welcome up to ten people.

• Usually, small mattresses called “toshok” are laid down directly on the floor.

• We provide individual sleeping bags to make sure you are warm during your trip.

• Dry toilets are installed near the camp.

• If you want to shower while in a yurt camp, our company provides a mobile camping shower. You’ll have to ask your guide or your hosts for hot water.


In villages, we sleep in small family houses.

• The comfort will vary depending on the family. Sometimes, like in yurts, you will sleep on the Kyrgyz mattresses on the floor; other times you will be given an individual bed.

• You will be able to take a shower or bathe in the Banya, a legacy of the soviet era. This small room, similar to a very hot sauna, is located outside the house and used by Kyrgyz all year long.

In homestays, you will usually have a delicious dinner prepared by the family in their home. It’s the ideal opportunity to try traditional Kyrgyz cuisine, which revolves around meat (mutton, beef or horse). Bread, jam, salads, and many other small plates are set on the table to accompany your meal.

Feel free to give a hand to make dairy products, milk the animals or gather the herds. You may as well be invited to help prepare the meals, cut the meat or set the table. We work with many families in the region. However, during the high touristic season it’s possible that another group will stay in the same yurt camp or in the guesthouse, even though we do our best to keep your experience of Kyrgyzstan as authentic as possible.


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