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Orto-Oruktu hotsprings

The Issyk Kul Lake is not only famous for the legends and stories that describe its mysterious waters. Surrounded by a fascinating landscape of canyons, valleys and high peaks, the lake shores also contain natural mineral sources.

Among these, you will find the “Suu Tash” sources, near the Oruktu village by the beach, about 50 km (31 miles) away from Cholpon Ata. They are popular for their curing properties.

The natural pools of Oruktu

The hot mineral sources of Oruktu are well equipped to accomodate tourists and guests. They have several pools, changing rooms, a massage room and a restaurant.

Each pool is maintained at its natural temperature, varying between 43 and 48C (109 and 118F). Well maintained, these pools are regularly cleaned to avoid infections and ensure that they keep their natural virtues.

The water in them is completely natural, coming from the depths of the earth. There are no chemicals added to these pure waters. The high temperature and pressure of the water allows it keep all of its beneficial mineral properties.

This is an ideal place to relax. On top of the warm pools, you can enjoy the surrounding landscape made of snowy mountains and the deep blue Issyk Kul Lake.

You can also get a professional massage and have a delicious dinner in the restaurant.

The benefits of the Tash Suu water

These sought-out waters of Tash Suu greatly help improve your health thanks to its curative properties. The minerals affect the muscles and the bones, and can help cure diseases such as arthritis, myositis or osteochondritis. These hot mineral sources are like a thermal station.

When to go to the Tash Suu sources?

You can visit the mineral sources all year long. In the summer, they are crowded with foreign tourists, while in the winter, locals love going there to have a warm curative bath amidst snow.

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