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Ruh-Ordo culural center

On the North shore of Issyk Kul Lake, in Cholpon Ata, visit the unique cultural center and museum of Ruh-Ordo. In Kyrgyz, the name means spiritual center. Built in 2002, Ruh Ordo was created in order to allow its guests to develop spiritually while discovering different cultural and religious elements of the region.

A unique spiritual center

Unique in the region, the Ruh Ordo center was built as a sacred place. It holds 5 identical temples, one dedicated to each of the main religions – Christianism (Orthodox and Catholic), Islam, Buddhism and Jewish. Built alike one next to the other, they point towards the sky and symbolize a harmony and unity of religion.

There is also a large concert hall with a unique acoustic, which often hosts concerts and other cultural events.

A little further in the complex, four charming houses symbolize the four cardinal points or the four seasons, depending on the version.

There are several exhibit halls where you can wander and discover photos, paintings and sculptures. Take a guided tour to understand each depth every element of the complex and every object exposed.

One hall is dedicated to an exhibition on the art of the Kyrgyz author Chyngyz Aitmatov, where you can also get familiar with Kyrgyz art, culture and history.

The Ruh Ordo center is an interesting and unique place to discover in Kyrgyzstan, and contrasts with the rest of the museums you will see in the region.


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