Barskoon (sometimes spelled Barskon) is a small village located on the Southern shore of the Issyk Lake, in the province of Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan. This village is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday with its impressive waterfall as well as its numerous hiking trails.

A little bit of history

Mahumud al-Kashgari, also known as Barskhani, was a very knowledgeable man native of this region. During the 11th century, he became the source of valuable knowledge, and also spread several medieval Turkish dialects.

Barskoon nowadays

Today, the village of Barskoon is a pleasant stopover during a journey throughout Kyrgyzstan. Its rich natural environment opens up beautiful rambles on foot or on horseback. Upon reaching the top of the surrounding mountains, you will get clear views of the neighbouring villages and the plains thereunder. Barskoon is also famous for its cascading waterfalls, the sight of which is spectacular from above. It is indeed possible to go up there and get a closer view. In wintertime, the cascades are often frozen, giving the impression that life and time have stopped. During the summer, they gush out in all directions, showing their full power in a stunning detonation. To the east of the mountains, a cold alpine desert called Sytyr offers itself to you. This alluring place is really ideal for those who fancy trekking. However, be warned as the trek is somewhat difficult. On the road to the Barskoon valley, you cannot miss the large lSoviet truck mounted on a pedestall, nor can you miss the lbust of Youri Gagarinl. A little further, the snow-covered tops of the Heroes Panfilov's peak (4,610 m) combined with the Peace World Council's summit (4,310 m) form what can be dubbed a high-standing landscape.

How to get there?

It is possible to get there by collective taxis, many of which circulate from Barskoon to the roads leading to the Kumtor gold mine.

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