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Grigorievka Valley

The Gregory Grigorievka gorge is a splendid destination that offers fabulous scenery, including flowering hills, mountain lakes, crystal clear rivers, carved cliffs and the sweet smell of pine trees. The Grigorievka gorge also benefits from an ideal location, not far from the famous Issyk-Kul Lake, just 60 km (37 miles) from Cholpon-Ata and 110 km (68 miles) from Balykchy. It’s a great stop for a one-day hike on your tour around Issyk Kul Lake.

Discovering the Grigorievka Valley

The Grigorievka gorge is full of beautiful places to explore. Go for a hike and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes before you. You’ll be able to go towards several lakes. Throughout your hike, you’ll follow the beautiful river with its crystal clear waters strongly flowing between the poppy plains and the cliffs. The central part of the valley is crowned by two snowy summits, the Kum-Bel peak at 4,200 meters (13,780 ft) of altitude and the Eshenbulak peak, 4,647 m (15,246 ft) high.

If you like horses, this is great place to go horseback riding. You can easily rent a horse at the entry of the valley or get an organized tour beforehand for better safety.

The Grigorievka Valley and its neighbor the Semionov Valley were fully arranged and equipped for the World Nomad Games. They are easily accessible by car, by foot or by horse.

Many yurts will welcome you for lunch or dinner along the way. Try Kumiz, the national drink, some shashlik or fresh grilled trout.

How to get there?

To reach the Grigorievka gorge, you can take a bus or a collective taxi in Bishkek to Issyk Kul. Stop at the Grigorievka village. From there, take a taxi or walk to the entry of the valley.


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