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The Karkara Valley

The Karkara Valley is located in the village Tup, about a hundred kilometers East of the Issyk Kul Lake. It follows the Karkara river, which serves as a natural border with Kazakhstan. Beautiful, picturesque alpine meadows in this region lie at an altitude of around 2,200m.

The Karkara Valley has always been a breeding ground, and you’ll be able to observe huge herds of horses, sheep and cows. Local commerce is well established. In the villages, people make small handmade souvenirs and luxurious yurts.

The Karkara Valley is also famous for its mare's milk called “Kumys”, a traditional drink in Central Asia. It is known for its healing virtues and said to be an efficient remedy against tuberculosis, anemia, gastro-intestinal diseases and others.

Nowadays, the Karkara River attracts many outdoor enthusiasts thanks to the activities it offers, like fishing or rafting. The Kazakh shore is also an international landmark for mountaineering, as is the "Khan Tengri" massif in the extreme east of Kyrgyzstan.

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