Talas is a famous small town with about 230,000 inhabitants. It is located in the northwestern region of Kyrgyzstan. The Talas valley is cut off from other Kyrgyz regions by mountain ranges, and thus resides in a wonderful natural landscape.

A bit of history

Talas was the birthplace of the legendary hero figure Manas. The Talas Valley is famous for hosting the 751 AD battle between the Abbasid Caliphate and Tuegesh Kahanat combined forces against the Tang Chinese army. The attack took place on the banks of Talas. In 1877, Talas' city was only a village, named Dmitryevskoye, created by Russian and Ukrainian immigrants. Initially, there were about 100 houses of settlers who mainly engaged in agriculture activities. The most notable building was a church built in brick, dating from the 1920s.

Talas today

Talas is considered to be the cradle of cultural tourism. Recent knowledge about the region and the history of the country is available in the city. Talas is full of sacred places such as the Kumbez-Manas mausoleum (14th century), the legendary Kyrgyz hero Manas, admired in all countries. The museum dedicated to the people’s history, which is located behind the hill, formerly used as a sentinel lookout, is a must-see visit for anyone wishing to learn more about the Kyrgyz culture. The Museum also reveals a few secrets about the local hero, local architecture and medieval history. Talas is a unique destination for those who fancy extreme sports. Hiking is also popular in some parts of the region. Nearby, you can find the Besh-Tash national park where you can explore its nature and learn more about the specificities of its fauna and flora. The Talas region is highly nature-oriented, counting nearly 70 alpine lakes and waterfalls that are pleasant to stumble across through your strolls.

How to get to Talas?

You first need to go to Bishkek. Hop into a bus or minibus near the intersection of Sarylgulov and May 1st, and get off at the west bus station in Bishkek. From there, you can take a collective taxi to Talas. Renting a car with driver is also an option.


The highest temperatures are recorded in July, hitting 15 to 25°C, while the lowest average are experienced in January around 6 to 14°C.


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