Village Arslanbob

The village of Arslanbob is a typical mountain village in Kyrgyzstan, in the province of Jalal-Abad. Located in the heart of one of the greatest forests in the world - 11,000 hectares - it is an ideal place to relax. You can go fishing, horseback riding or hiking in the mountains and discover such beautiful places as the famous walnut forest and nearby waterfalls.

Discovery of Arslanbob village

Nested in the snowy cliffs of Babach-Ata, the mountainous massif, Arslanbob offers many activities to the visitors. The village has 1,500 inhabitants, mostly belonging to the Uzbek ethnic group. To the Uzbeks, it is a place of pilgrimage since Arslanbob, an historic and revered islamic figure in Uzbekistan, was buried there. As soon as you arrive, you will be greeted with a friendly and warm welcome by the villagers who will immediately immerse you in Uzbek culture. Women generally wear a coloured dress often complemented with a scarf. Men like gathering in small circles in the street to banter. At the foot of Babach-Ata, the village opens the way for hiking and nature observation. Surrounded by lush nature, you will have no difficulty escaping and enjoying the beauty of the place. Legendary site, the forest of walnut trees, not far from the village will make up for a very pleasant walk. It covers 11,000 hectares and walnut trees can reach a height of up to 30 metres. Continuing along the path, you will discover the 23 meters high waterfall known as the "Cave of Forty Angels". In the surrounding area, you will find souvenir vendors. A little further, there is a great sacred waterfall which is the Uzbek pilgrimage place. It rises to an 80-meter height. The hike is a 4-hour walk with a fairly steep and difficult portion, so get prepared! However, when you get up there, the panoramic view will make you forget all the efforts. The village with suitable accommodation also offers small trekking tours in the surrounding area for those who wish to explore more of the region. You can also relax at the hot spring, which can be very beneficial for people affected by certain chronic diseases.

How to get to Arslanbob?

There are collective taxis from Bishkek to Arslanbob. A taxi leaves the station as soon as it is full. The drive takes about 8 to 9 hours.


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