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Are you looking for a restaurant open 24 hours, 7 days a week, where you can eat quickly and deliciously? Then head to the "Vkus Vostoka", which translates as "Taste of the East". It's always crowded and for the good reason that it offers a large variety of delicious, affordable dishes.

Here, you'll find Kyrgyz, Turkish specialities, grills and even sushis. Try a lagman, a grilled trout, a soup to warm up or a Chinese dish. Everything here is good. You'll even find a few Turkish deserts. Count between 80 and 280 soms, depending on the dish you choose.

This restaurant also offers take aways, and a small stand outside the cafe sells delicious samsas (bread stuffed with beef or chicken or cheese) for 35 soms, or pirojki (bread stuffed with potato or cabbage)… Basically, it's a great address not far from the city center, at the intersections of Moskovskaya and Shopokova streets.

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