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Around the Issyk Kul Lake

The Issyk-Kul Lake is the second largest alpine lake in the world, and is often nicknamed the « Pearl of Kyrgyzstan ». Surrounded by the Celestial Mountains, it looks like an inland sea. In the valleys of Issyk Kul, you’ll discover forests, rivers, gorges, canyons and waterfalls, all while enjoying a splendid view on this mysterious lake. Your tour around the lake will take you to welcoming Kyrgyz families, unveil their culture and immerse you in this exceptional natural environment.

Manas airport
1h 30m-60km

Day 1Welcome and rest day in the Tatyr Mountains

Manas airport - Karabulak

  • Your driver will pick you up at the Manas airport upon arrival.

    Transfer to Karabulak, a relaxation center nestled in the gorges of Tatyr and Kashka-Suu.

  • We meet at 11h30 a.m. in the lobby and head for a small hike in the surroundings of the camp, to discover the beautiful landscape. After one hour, we stop for a barbecue. After lunch, you are free to rest in this calm environment, or go for a hike.

Meal and accommodations
Lunch: Barbecue
Accommodation: Karabulak
1h 40m-90km
1h 30m-95km
1h 50m-100km

Day 2Towards Central Asia’s blue pearl

Karabulak - Burana's minaret

  • We stop to visit the ruins of the Burana Minaret, a Jami mosque destroyed in the 13th century during invasions. The monument is rich in history, archeological findings and legends, and belongs to the Unesco world heritage. We can climb at the top of the tower to get a beautiful view on the valley and the mountains. We’ll also visit the museum on site.

Burana's minaret - Konorchek

  • Then we’ll go for a short hike in the Konorchek Canyons, a gorge with towering red, orange and yellow rocks similar to the Grand Canyon. You’ll be impressed and intimidated by the heights of the rock formations.

Konorchek - Tamchy

  • Finally, we make it to the shores of the Issyk-Kul Lake (1609m or 5979ft above sea level), the second largest alpine lake in the world. This is what we call the pearl of Kyrgyzstan. It is surrounded by the Celestial Mountains, with snow-capped summits that climb above 5000m, and are reflected in the crystal clear water. Several dozen rivers drop from the mountains into the lake via stunning valleys.

Meal and accommodations
Lunch: Local restaurant
Dinner: Guest house
Accommodation: Guest house
1h 30m-80km

Day 3Horseback riding in the Grigorievka Valley

Tamchy - Tcholpon-Ata

  • In the morning, we visit the cultural center Ruh-Ordo in Cholpon-Ata. This center, nestled in a peaceful environment, is dedicated to the harmony between the four main religions, Islam, Judaism, Christianism and Buddhism. There are also spaces dedicated to art exhibits, and to main figures of Greek culture and of Kyrgyzstan.

Tcholpon-Ata - Grigorievka

  • North of Grigorievka, we take a small mountain trail to the Chong Ak-Suu Valley during approximately 40 minutes. We settle in a family’s house and leave for a horseback riding adventure in the green valley. We follow the "great white river", a strong mountain torrent, and visit a small alpine lake.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Guest house
Lunch: Homestay
Dinner: Homestay
Accommodation: Yurt Homestay
2h 50m-130km
1h 20m-100km

Day 4The Seven Bulls of Jety Oguz

Grigorievka - Karakol

  • We arrive at Karakol, a small town that borders Issky-Kul. We take the time to visit itsSaint Trinity Cathedral, an orthodox from the 19th century; and its Chinese mosque which looks like a Mongol Buddhist temple, built by the Dungan population. Finally, we visit the ** Przewalsky museum**, where you will learn about local history.

Karakol - Jeti-öghüz

  • We then drive to the Jety Orguz Valley. Covered with fertile vegetation, this gorge is probably one of the prettiest in the country. It stretches over 37 km (23 miles), between the Issyk Kul Lake and the Tian Shan Mountains. Strange rock formations, nicknamed the “seven bulls” and the “broken heart”, fill the place with mystical legends. We hike in the valley.

Jeti-öghüz - Bokonbayevo

  • Before heading towards our guest house, we visit the superb Skazka Canyons, whose name translates as Fairy Tale Canyons in Kyrgyz language. Formed from erosion, the rocks tower over the Issyk Kul Lake and offer a great contrast in color. Let your imagination work to make out the shapes of the rocks.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Homestay
Lunch: Local restaurant
Dinner: Guest house Emeli
Accommodation: Guest house Emeli

Day 5Discovering Eagle Hunting

  • This morning, we attend an eagle hunting demonstration. The Kyrgyz hunter, on his horse, will show you the impressive agility of his eagle, who will have to catch small preys like a rabbit.

  • We’ll then arrive in the small village of Kyzyl-Tuu, famous for its traditional fabrication of yurts. One family in the village will show you how to build a yurt, and you’ll be welcomed to help them in this task.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Guest house Emeli
Lunch: Homestay
Dinner: Homestay
Accommodation: Homestay
5h 30m-290km

Day 6Visit Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s capital

Kyzyl-Tuu - Bishkek

  • This is our last day before getting back to the capital. We leave the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, where we met a generous culture, and go back to Bishkek. Drop-off at your hotel, where you’ll be able to relax.

  • We visit the Osh Bazar, one of the most fascinating markets in Kyrgyzstan. Enjoy the colors and the smells coming from stands of dry fruits and spices. You can also buy a few traditional souvenirs to bring home.

  • We walk on the Ala Too Square in the center of Bishkek. Meeting place for Bishkek’s youth, it comes alive every evening with families and friends who come here to relax. It’s also an important historical place, since it hosted several revolutions.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Homestay
Lunch: Local restaurant
Accommodation: Hotel 3 star
Manas airport

Day 7Have a nice trip!

Bishkek - Manas airport

  • Breakfast at your hotel. We drive you back to the airport at the time of your flight.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Hotel 3 star
duration 7 days. International flight not included.

from 600€ (per person)

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