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Kyrgyzstan Travel Tips

Kyrgyzstan Travel Tips

Kyrgyz'What is a French-Kyrgyz travel agency based in Bishkek since 2016. Come discover the country from every angle (landscapes, wilderness, culture, lifestyle), embark on exciting activities while living with comfort and authenticity! We strive to make the best for your journey to the heart of our homeland. Security, quality support and comfort are our main concerns.

Before leaving

A trip to Kyrgyzstan is a real adventure in a far-away country. Better get ready and organized to fully enjoy it: like for any adventure, you’ll need to know what to take with you,

In Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz people’s hospitability and generosity is not just a myth: you’ll be able to enjoy it yourself. As soon as you land in Kyrgyzstan, you’ll be welcomed by our Kyrgyz’What ?

Kyrgyzstan in a nutshell

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country bordered by Kazakhstan at the north, Tajikistan at the south, Uzbekistan at the west and China at the east. This small country, still little


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