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Packing your bag

Packing your bag

You are getting ready for your trip, and still hesitating between taking your poncho or your fleece? Here’s a short list of things to take with you:

  • It’s better to take a trekking backpack (especially for programs that include treks). They’re easier to carry for horses or porters;
  • Take a small backpack to carry during the day;
  • Breathable and fast drying underwear;
  • City clothes (optional);
  • Light and warm clothes: temperatures can radically change depending on the altitude, climate and time of the day;
  • Polar fleece, wind-stopper, raincoat; if you’ll be horseback riding it’s better to avoid ponchos and other large coats that may scare off horses;
  • Comfortable trekking pants for hikes and horseback riding;
  • High socks and thermo-pants in case it gets cold, especially if you’re travelling in May or September;
  • High, comfortable and waterproof hiking shoes; it’s better to avoid brining new shoes that may cause blisters;
  • A winter hat and scarf in case of cold temperatures;
  • Gloves, especially if you’ll be horseback riding;
  • Sun hat or bandana to protect yourself from the sun and from dust;
  • Sunglasses category 3 minimum;
  • A sleeping bag liner;
  • Shampoo, soap and a towel;
  • Hand wash gel and wipes;
  • A pen and a notebook;
  • Extra batteries for your camera or a solar charger;
  • Dust-protection for your camera;
  • A small knife, lighter, thread and a needle can always come in handy;
  • Garbage or plastic bags to put inside your bag and protect your belongings from hard rain;
  • Headlamp;
  • Water bottle.

For horseback riding expeditions, you may want to add:

  • Horseback riding boots;
  • Technical pants;
  • Sheep skin to put on your saddle.
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