At-Bashy is a village situated approximately 35 km southwest of the Naryn region in Kyrgyzstan. It is the capital of the At-Bashi district. Splendid forests of fir trees decorate the northern part of the valley, and at the bottom runs one of the influential rivers called Naryn-At-Bashy.

Some history

In Kirghiz, At-Bashy means "Horsehead". Its name was given by a horse breeder in passage through the country. According to Kirghiz history, it is said that a cattle breeder in the region of Andijan settled down in a pasture to spend the night and left his horse free. The following day, when the horse had run away, he started chasing and hunting before killing it eventually. He cut off the horse's head and left it there before hitting the road again, using the horse’s remains as travel food. Thus, he named the place "Horsehead". According to certain studies, the first colony appeared at the current site of the At-Bashy village more than 10 centuries ago. The traditional nomadic elements of life and culture of the Kyrgyz people were preserved.

At-Bashy nowadays

At-Bashy is a relatively large and important village counting a little more than 10,000 inhabitants. It is also the administrative center of the district bearing the same name. The village can serve as a pleasant stopover. It has everything you need: restaurants, banks, a mart where you can get some provisions before heading back on the road. This village is famous for its animal Grand Bazaar held every Sunday. Many people go there to buy sheep, horses, cows, goats and donkeys. It is also known for its annual Sherdak festival, a handmade, brightly colored carpet traditionally found in every Kyrgyz household. You can enjoy your passage at At-Bashy to discover the graves and some historical monuments while enjoying a mountainous landscape. From the top of the hill, you will have an outstanding view of the village and of some other nearby villages. Situated in a picturesque valley of mountains, forests and meadows, At-Bashy rises to an altitude of 2,400 meters and must face very cold winters. Summertime is very pleasant however. Last important village before hitting the border with China, At-Bashy is surrounded by small villages that give way to huge steppes giving an impression of being alone in the world. The At-Bashi region is known to contain some of the most remote sections of the country on the Silk Road indeed. This region is ideal for off-road driving, horseback riding and hiking. You can enjoy the river and follow its 180-km-long course through the province of Naryn.

How to get there?

To go to At-Bashy, take the marshrutka which travels on the dirt tracks of the unpaved mountains. If no more seats are available, you may have to stand for the duration of the trip.

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