Tash Rabat caravansary

It sits high at the top of a hill, at a 3500-meter altitude. The Tach Rabat caravanserai means "stone fortress" in Kyrgyz, and is located 80 km from Torugart, a sino-Kyrgyz border post, and 90 km away from Naryn. This stone building, related to the history of the Silk Road , is surely the largest and best preserved building in Central Asia.




It is difficult to determine the date of its construction, although some historians have made assumptions that it was built in the 10th century by christians, acting as a monastery before becoming a caravanserai. For others, Tash Rabat would date from the 15th century, and was probably a place to stop and layover for tradesmen and travellers of the Silk Road. Many legends talk about the origin of its construction, one of them recounts that the king would have put to test his two sons to determine who will be the throne's heir. The elder one showed its concern for his people, whereas the youngest and more ambitious son raised an army and built fortresses, including Tash Rabat.




The structure of this stone fortress is 20 meters high with a dome in its center. The main room provides access to 30 other rooms that once housed travellers. A dungeon and a well are also in the building's enclosure.


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