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Oi-Tal Village

Oy-Tal is a splendid green village, located in the Issyk-Kul Region. Houses have their own yards, usually with some apple trees and blackcurrant. It’s a very pleasant stop for your trip in the summer, to enjoy fresh fruits and the shade of trees.

Discovering the Oi-Tal village

Nestled in a valley at the foot of high mountains, Oi-Tal is an ideal place to relax, all the while discovering Kyrgyz landscape and traditions. You can go horseback-riding from the village to explore the surrounding areas. It’s definitely worth it, to get a breath-taking panoramic view on the Issyk Kul Lake.

The gorges bordering the villages are also surprising and worth the visit. Take your time to go fishing in the rivers for fresh trout.

If you’re on a horse, you can go all the way to the Kazakh border, only a few miles away from Oi-Tal.

The traditional village, which is not yet overcrowded by tourism, has a heartwarming and very welcoming atmosphere that will charm you. Enjoy a home-made meal in the evening prepared with natural, local products, and emerge yourself in the heart of a Kygyz family.

You can even participate in their daily chores and help milk the cows or make berry jam.

Although little known, Oi-Tal is one of those places we recommend to enjoy the calm and purity of nature, the traditional hospitality of the Kyrgyz and leave with great memories.

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