The Oy-Tal village is located in the Issyk-Kul area. This village has the reputation of being very green. Virtually every house includes a large neatly-maintained garden indeed, most of the time complemented with some apple trees and blackcurrant also.

It is very pleasant to go there in summer to enjoy the greenery and relax beneath shady trees.

Discovering the Oy-tal village

Situated at the foot of the mountains, the village is set in a green landscape, and offers a relaxing atmosphere. Horseback riding is organized from the village to discover the surrounding nature and the mountains. The panoramic view from high above peeking onto the lake will leave you speechless.

The gorges bordering the villages also come as a nice surprise, and will be the spot for partaking in trout fishing. The place, in the middle of the mountains, will only fulfil your desire for calm and serenity.

On horseback, you can carry on long strolls up to the border with Kazakhstan, only a few kilometers away.

In the evening, you can give in to the taste of delicious traditional dishes, all prepared with natural products cultivated on local land. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the Kyrgyz family lifestyle.

If you fancy learning about farming labor, you can attend or even participate in cow-milking activities and start preparing cream or jam made from berries.

The village of Oy-tal cannot leave you insensitive to its charm and the kindness of its inhabitants. From human encounters to landscape discovery, after a stay in the village, we can guarantee that you will be left with countless memories.

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