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Even if you choose to come to Kyrgyzstan because of its wilderness, you might still want to stay in touch with your family, update your travel blog, or just be reachable for safety reasons. Here are a couple of insights to make sure your trip goes well. 


Mobile phone

It’s always good to have a phone with you, especially in case you encounter a problem.

Upon arrival, you can easily buy a SIM card and use it on your phone, as long as it is unblocked.

There are three phone operators: Beeline, O and MegaCom. You can buy the SIM card at the airport or in any mall in Bishkek. It will cost around 200 soms to get internet and calling options for a week or two. If it’s not enough, you can add money on your SIM card in any village.

The country code for Kyrgyzstan is +966.


The internet coverage in the country is not perfect, so don’t expect to be online all the time. This is getting better each year on. However, you should expect to have lower speed in isolated regions like Naryn. In Bishkek, Osh and Jalalabad, the internet connection is almost flawless.

All hotels and some guest houses offer WIFI. It should be good enough to send mails or small messages on social media, for example.



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