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Skazka canyon

Located half an hour from Bokonbayevo, on the shore of Issyk Kul Lake, the Skazka canyons offer beautiful colors of red, yellow and ochre. Also called the Fairy Tale Canyons, they are made of a sequence of colored cliffs, nestled between high mountains and the alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan.

Mysteriously shaped rocks

This beautiful natural spot gave birth to many legends. One says that a god sent strong wind and rain to the region, following which the earth took on mysterious shapes.

Shaped through time by wind and rain, the cliffs take on various shapes. Some of them look like animals or castles. Be sure to observe the crest nicknamed “The Great Chinese Wall”. For the rest, you’ll have to turn on your imagination to guess the shapes of the canyons, like you would with clouds.

A unique beauty

The Skazka canyons reveal themselves like a painting of different tones of orange. This natural show is unique and unforgettable. This masterpiece of nature will surprise you by its singularity, and for a moment, you’ll think you’re in Australia, the U.S.A, or the Far West.

Take a moment to daydream in this wonderful place nicknamed the Fairy Tale Canyons.

A pleasant hike

Take some time to hike and explore the canyons. You can climb in altitude to get a splendid panoramic view on the orange nature and the Issyk-KuL Lake, and enjoy this breath-taking contrast of colors.

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