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Kyrgyzstan’s geography

Kyrgyzstan’s geography

Kyrgyzstan is one the most beautiful countries of Central Asia and probably of the world. Shaped with magnificent high mountains, wild meadows, huge glaciers, breath-taking valleys and impressive lakes, Kyrgyzstan is the place to go to for adventure, authentic nature and nomad life.

Geographic situation

Kyrgyzstan is bordered at the north by the frontier with Kazakhstan, at the south with Tajikistan, at the east with China and at the west with Uzbekistan. In all, the territory covers 199 000 km2. Its population is a little under 6 million inhabitants. Completely landlocked, Kyrgyzstan has no access to the sea, but is rich with many alpine lakes, which make it one of the region’s main water reserve.

Over 90% of the country is covered by high mountains, with a mean altitude of 2750m. Kyrgyzstan has very high summits, covered with eternal snow. Three of them are above 7000m.

The Tian Shan mountain range covers most of the country and parts of China. It is the highest range in the country, with its Pobedy Peak or Jengish Chokusu, culminating at 7439m altitude.

In the south of the country you will find the Fergana mountain range as well as the Pamir Alay. The latter stretches over Tajikistan and is famous for its Lenin Peak, at 7134m altitude.

The country is divided in two by the summits, which make communication between the north and the south difficult. There are only a few roads that zigzag through high mountain passes, and are covered in snow and ice for many months. However, although very long and tiring, these roads are worth the journey for their beautiful views.

The lowest altitude zones are of course inhabited and constructed. The capital, Bishkek, shows an altitude of 800m, and is surrounded by high, snow-capped mountains. The cities of Osh and Jalalabad are in the south-west of the Fergana valley. The Kara-Daria valley is nestled at around 132m altitude only.

Lakes and rivers

The many mountains and valleys of Kyrgyzstan gave birth to splendid rivers and lakes that shine as you approach them.

Kyrgyzstan has several very famous lakes, like the salted Issyk Kul Lake, whose name means “the warm lake”. It is located at 1600m altitude and never freezes.  

The Son Kul Lake is another beautiful altitude lake, at more than 3000m. It is the biggest sweet water reserve in the country, and welcomes nomads and their herds in the summer.



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