Son-Kul Lake

Son Kul Lake is a large altitude freshwater lake located in the Tian Shan massif north-west of Naryn. This high-mountain lake is a great opportunity to go hiking or horseback riding and to discover breathtaking landscapes inhabited by some transients who come to gather their herds during the sunny days.


Characteristics of Son Kul Lake

Son Kul Lake is a high-mountain lake located about 3,000 meters above sea level. Frozen for half of the year, its surroundings are desert and welcome nomadic pastoralists and their herds only during the beautiful season from June to September. This large blue lake extends over an area of 275 km² with a depth of 15 meters. It is therefore considered the largest natural freshwater reserve in the country. Surrounded by mountains with peaks exceeding 4,000 meters, the lake is revealed through an astonishing landscape. Land of many bird species, the region also shelters some wolves, foxes, marmots and snow leopards.


Hike to Son Kul lake

Many will be tempted by the discovery of the great Son Kul freshwater lake, and for good reasons! Surrounded by mountains and great plains where herds graze, the lake unfolds with its blue waters and snow-covered mountains in the background. Devoid of any urbanization, time seems to have stopped, and only nature advances at its own pace to offer an imposing landscape.

Great jewel for hikers, as well as offering a fabulous panorama, the Son Kul lake promises its foreign visitors unforgettable human encounters. In the summer, the lake’s shores are covered in yurt camps as they welcome nomads who bring their livestock to the green pastures. It will be the opportunity to spend a few nights in these authentic houses, and share a few moments with the breeders.

At sunset, the lake is sometimes adorned with an impressive icy mist. For astronomy lovers, the night will showcase a very clear sky revealing all its star treasures. Refreshing walks are guaranteed thanks to the lake’s green shores. You will be able to meet a few families, some of them may even offer you a boat ride on the lake. Enjoy your stay at Son Kul Lake! You can observe many bird species that share the set with a few wild animals and herds.


How to go there?

Departures for Lake Son Kul are generally from Naryn., it can also be done from Kochkor. Depending on the tour, you can reach the lake on foot or on horseback. The road taken through mountains and valleys will gradually tease you up until the lake finally reveals itself from the heights of the surrounding mountains.


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