Chon Kemin National Park

Chon-Kemin natural park is located 150 km from Bishkek. It extends over 500 hectares, and its altitude varies between 1,400 m and 2,800 m. The park is revealed through one of the most picturesque landscapes of Kyrgyzstan with its river, its lakes, a gorge and its green valley. It will undoubtedly delight nature lovers but also extreme sports enthusiasts interested in rafting.


In 1911, Kemin was the area that recorded the strongest earthquake that had ever occurred in Central Asia. The strength of the tremors at the epicenter reached a magnitude of 11 on the Richter scale. The park was founded in 1997, bringing together most of the forest farms in the Kemin district. Since then, the park has been under the protection of the Kyrgyz State. This valley was the birthplace of Askar Akayev, the first president of Kyrgyzstan.

Discovery of the Chon-Kemin Valley

Chon-Kemin Valley is a real wild and natural area which is perfect for lovers of nature and walks in clean air. This large natural reserve, unique in the country, unfolds with beautiful mountains and a river crossing. The unique ecosystem is home to many species of animals and plants - most noticeably to some rare endemic species such as the snow leopard, the maral (the smallest of cervids in Central Asia), or the golden eagle. The flora displays a wide variety of plants, herbs, berries and mushrooms for you to discover.

The park offers many sports activities such as hiking, fly fishing, horse rides, and more recently, rafting for the adrenalin lovers. Trails are plenty and rather low-traffic. They will lead you to a gorge or to the 7 lakes of the river basin surrounded by spruce forests. Peaks 2,500-meter high and up offer a breathtaking view over the whole region, making the campsite a real jewel in a nature just as beautiful as pristine. The valley can be seen from the heights of the Ala-Too mountain massif culminating at 4,700 meters and its eternal snow.

Thus, Chon-Kemin is a paradise for lovers of the extreme. Torrential rivers, steep slopes, green ways… everything a sportsman or a nature lover can dream of is brought together in this small paradise.


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