Jalal Abad

The city of Jalal-Abad (sometimes spelled Djalalabad) is the third largest city of the country. It is the administrative, economic, cultural center of the region with the same name. The town is located in Ferghana, in the Kugart River Valley at the edge of the mountain massif of Babash Ata, only a few kilometers from the border with Uzbekistan.

With a population of 95,000 inhabitants, Jalalabad is a very old town laid on the Silk Road. Thus, countless travelers from around the world have been welcomed, and recent archaeological excavations have confirmed the past of the city as an important trade corridor.

The city has a very favourable micro climate, with warm summers and winters and sunny autumns. Humidity allows to grow bountiful vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Also, the city has attracted visitors for centuries for other reasons. Travelers, merchants, tourists and pilgrims of the Silk Road come to Jalalabad for its mineral water springs and their relaxing baths. The city boasts a seaside resort named Hozret Ayub Paighambar, located on the Ayub Tau Mountain at an altitude of 700 meters, and about three kilometres from the city centre. Like many places in Kyrgyzstan, Jalal-Abad intrigues visitors with its stories and legends passed over several generations. Some gave the spring water from Hozret Ayub Païghambar the reputation to cure leprosy. Near the source, you can find ancient tombs, a mosque and the palace of a Khan (king).

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