Naryn is a small town of approximately 53,000 inhabitants located nearly 200 km from Bishkek. Main tributary of Syr-Daria , it sits near the Naryn River , and is named thereafter. It is also said that its name could come from the Mongolian word Naryn meaning "sunny".

Naryn is a magnificent region shaped by high mountains, steppes, vast green meadows and pure air. Though the small town does not constitute a great tourism interest in itself, it will still be a very good place to rest and relax before continuing your Kyrgyz adventure.

The small village, surrounded by mountains and crossed by the Naryn river, is close to Son Koul , the Issyk Kul lake and Tach Rabat, making Naryn a perfect exploration base and an adequate relaxing place to have a break after pony treks. You can discover the city lavishly by strolling through the streets along the river and exchanging with locals. Seize the opportunity to try out restaurants and local gastronomy. You can visit the regional museum that exhibits objects of the nomadic life. The other attraction of the city is the mosque located 2.5 km from the center.

Naryn is the ideal city to acknowledge the region's wealth. From large lakes to valleys and national parks, the region has no shortage of resources. It is the last city before the crossing towards the south of Kyrgyzstan which marks a significant environment change with more a pronounced wilderness.

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