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Toktogul is a beautiful village in the Jalalabad province in Kyrgyzstan. It counts around 17,000 inhabitants today. The village is among the most sought-after destinations during a trip in Kyrgyzstan. It’s a great hub for adventure sports, and is also known for its large dam.

Back in history

Toktogul became a city recently, in 2012. It is famous for being the place of birth of the Kyrgyz musician Toktogul Satilganov.

Toktogul nowadays

Toktogul has preserved its Soviet charm with its large and calm avenues. Visit the Toktogul market to try delicious local dishes. One of Toktogul's specialties is a local ice cream, with a simple, milky and pure flavor.

Tourists are usually attracted not by the city itself, but rather by the exceptional landscapes that surround it. The region is a small piece of heaven for hiking or horseback riding with exceptional views.

Toktogul is known for its very large water holder. A very lovely example of Soviet engineering, the dam is made of an imposing concrete construction that contrasts sharply with the natural surroundings. You can even visit the inside of the building with special permits. The lake shores of the Toktogul dam are great for a picnic, or even for a swim. Don’t forget to try the fresh trout coming in from the Naryn river.

How to get there?

Toktogul is located several hours from the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. In winter, the road is sometimes blocked by ice and snow, which makes it impossible to reach the village. Inform yourself on the weather conditions before taking a taxi.


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