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The best one-day hikes in Southern Kyrgyzstan

In many ways, the South of Kyrgyzstan is very different from the North. It’s not just because of the culture, population...
Aug 14 2020

The best one-day hikes near Bishkek

Home of the Celestial Mountains, Kyrgyzstan is an ideal destination for travelers who love nature and outdoor activities. With its giant mountains, its virgin landscape and its...
Aug 12 2020

Six museums you should visit in Kyrgyzstan

It’s above all for its endless mountains, its preserved nature and its nomadic culture that we visit Kyrgyzstan. A real...
Aug 11 2020

UNESCO world heritage sites in Kyrgyzstan

Emblematic country of the nomads and of wild nature, Kyrgyzstan also has a couple of sites registered at as UNESCO world...
Aug 11 2020
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