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Visiting Issyk Kul Lake: the north shore vs. the south shore

The Issyk Kul Lake, whose name means « the warm lake » is the world’s second largest mountain lake. Located at 1600m...
Feb 25 2020

Skiing in Kyrgyzstan

Little tourists dare come to Kyrgyzstan during winter time, yet this mountainous country is a paradise for ski and snowboard amateurs. More than 90% of the Kyrgyz territory is...
Feb 25 2020

Climbing Peak Lenin: our tips to get ready

Located in the Pamir Mountains at the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, the Lenin Peak attracts alpinists from...
Feb 24 2020

Why choose Kyrgyzstan to travel with children?

Although Kyrgyzstan is gaining popularity as an adventure destination, it is still preserved from large crowds and...
Feb 24 2020

Kurmanjan Datka, the feminist Queen of the Kyrgyz

Kurmanjan Datka is one of the rare women heroes of Central Asia. Queen of the Alay region in the 19th century, she is...
Feb 21 2020

Getting around in Kyrgyzstan: our tips

It’s not always easy to find information about how to get around in Kyrgyzstan, especially if you don’t speak the local...
Feb 21 2020

Traveling to the sound of Komuz, the Kyrgyz traditional instrument

The Kyrgyz have inherited from their nomadic ancestors an important musical tradition. Their music will add magic to...
Feb 21 2020

The top 6 dishes to try while traveling in Kyrgyzstan

The world is starting to hear about Kyrgyzstan for its breathtaking landscapes, its endless mountains and its people’s...
Feb 21 2020

The top 10 activities to do in Kyrgyzstan

If you’re looking for adventures or challenges, Kyrgyzstan is the place to go to for your next vacation! Here’s a...
Feb 11 2020

The legends around Kyrgyzstan’s most beautiful sites

There’s nothing better than listening to local legends to get to know the culture and history of a country. Read our...
Feb 11 2020


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