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A small guide to the Kyrgyz Horse

Like in other nomadic countries, the horse in Kyrgyzstan has a very important place in local life. It used to be the only way to travel in the high mountains of the Tian Shan, the...
Apr 15 2020

The unique and mysterious Aigul flower

Land of mountains and many legends, Kyrgyzstan is also inhabited by numerous mysteries. One of these lies in a small...
Jan 29 2020

The mysterious Merzbacher Lake

Kyrgyzstan is the perfect destination to go trekking and to enjoy many enigmas: the country has many legends, mesmerizing mountains and untouched nature. One of our favorite hikes...
Jan 16 2020

Everything there is to know about the snow leopard, Kyrgyzstan’s sacred animal

A magnificent and imposing creature, the snow leopard has been living in Kyrgyzstan’s high mountains for a long time....
Dec 05 2019


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