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The Eki Naryn Valley

The Eki-Naryn Valley is home to a small village of the same name, located about 40 km (25 miles) from Naryn. The valley is nested in high mountains and is the perfect place to discover the breath-taking landscapes of the region, and go hiking or horseback riding.

Discovering the Valley

The Eki Naryn valley is nested in a heaven-like wilderness, and those looking for calm and serenity will definitely appreciate their visit to the valley. The road takes you through colorful meadows and beautiful barley fields.

Following up the Naryn river, you will arrive in this splendid valley hanging on a cliff overlooking immaculate wilderness.

The small picturesque village Eki-Naryn, very typical of Kyrgyzstan, is very charming. You will see children playing outside, while women are in the courtyards taking care of daily chores and men on horses looking after their cattle. Some families may invite you for tea, which in Kyrgyzstan also means bread, jam and sweets. Visiting Eki Naryn is a great opportunity to learn more about modern village life in Kyrgyzstan.

The red rocks of the mountains give way to a green valley, where magnificent wild flowers bloom. Close to the Naryn River, some pastures and forests reveal herds of horses, galloping to enjoy the fresh grass.


Eki-Naryn has a humid climate. Its annual average temperature is of 3.7 ° C (37.4F), and it has an average annual rainfall of 345.3 mm (13.6 inches). The best time to visit the Valley is between July and August, before it gets too cold.

How to get there?

Eki-Naryn is easily accessible from Naryn. It takes about one hour via bus or taxi.


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