Ala Too Mountain Range

Ala Too mountain range Ala-too is a wide mountain range in the North of Tian Shan in Kyrgyzstan.It extends over 354 km between the South and the southeast of the lake Issyk-Kul, up to the northeast extreme of Kyrgyzstan.It has a very diversified landscape which promises magnificent hikes to the closest nature.

A little bit of history

Ala-too means "Snowy Mountains". Formerly, it was the natural boundary between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

The “Ala Too” nowadays

ALA - too is a mountain range belonging to the Tian Shan stretching from Talas region West to the Boom Gorge to the East. Its peak, which is called Semenov, is 4 875 meter that ranked it among the highest peak of Kyrgyzstan. Ala Too enjoys a landscape very diversified with its rocky gorges, its sumptuous green valleys, its turquoise Lakes, its mountains with snow-covered summit and its pine forests. A national park was created moreover to preserve the wilderness while being able to discover it through more or less fitted out path. Only 40 km from the Kyrgyz capital, in the North of the country, the Ala-Archa national park, which extends over an area of more than 2 200 hectares, guarantees many discoveries and satisfaction to the trekkers as to harden mountaineers. You will be impressed by the discovering of the stunning heights of Korona's peak (4 860 meters) and the Adygene one (4 393 meters).A base camp has also been settled on the path of the glacier allowing you to get there quickly. The Ala Too mountain range is also famous for its high mountain lakes. Go to the Lake Kel-Tor to 2 700 m of altitude in a valley of the same name! The view on the Lake is just fabulous. You can admire the turquoise water surrounded by majestic mountain ranges. Spruce forests surround the West Bank of the Lake Kel-Tor which makes the scenery even more incredible. In spring, the valleys of Ala - Too adorn magnificent flowers that add color with the mountains covered with snow in the background. Such a beautiful landscape! It makes you feel like you are in heaven.

How to get to Ala Too?

Ala-Too is located 40 km from the capital of Kyrgyzstan. At Bishkek, there are buses and minibuses that go to miscellaneous destinations around the city. They can lead you to Ala-Too.


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