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The best things to do in Bishkek with your family

The best things to do in Bishkek with your family

Jan 13 2020

Are you in Bishkek with your family? The city is small but offers many interesting opportunities to share unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Here are a few ideas of things to do in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s capital, with your children.

Take a walk in the Panfilov Park

Did you know that during the Soviet Union, Bishkek was considered the greenest city of the region? The city doesn’t really look like a typical capital with the impressive Ala Too mountains in the background and its many parks.

With your family, head to the Panfilov Park. Located in the center of Bishkek, just north of the main square Ala Too, it’s an ideal destination to have fun while visiting the capital.

  The best things to do in Bishkek with your family  

The Panfilov Park is a great relaxing spot in Bishkek. Here, you’ll find many attractions, a little rusty and old but for a very cheap price. Your children will surely have fun. There are carousels for every age, and for the little ones you can rent cars or bikes for part of your walk. Don’t miss out on the new big wheel, which was rebuilt in 2017 for Bishkek’s birthday. It is brand new and has an impressive height of 50 meters, from which you’ll have a breath-taking view on the city and the mountains.

Have fun in the malls

The capital of Kyrgyzstan keeps growing in the past years. Among new constructions are many malls. These do not only offer boutiques and cafés, but are also a real heaven for children. At the last floor you will find huge playgrounds for children, with trampolines, slides, zip lines, rope parks… And right next to these you will find arcade games ranging from classical ice hockey to virtual reality games. In brief, children will easily spend the day there!

  The best things to do in Bishkek with your family  

Ride a horse

Go to « Hyde Park » in the south of Bishkek to ride horses with your children. It’s the only place in the city that offers horseback riding. You’ll be able to ride a horse with an instructor in the center, or go out for a walk in the mountains.

Children always like Hyde Park: on top of horseback riding, they’ll be able to discover a small farm and pet the animals.

Jump on trampolines

If you or your children need to let off steam, go in one of the new sports complexes of the city, “Smile” or “On the wake”. These big hangars are equipped with trampolines, active games, zip lines, climbing walls, rope parks and other fun activities for children and adults. You can ask to be accompanied by a trainer if needed.

Take a swim in an aquapark

Kyrgyzstan’s capital has several aquaparks where you’ll be able to relax with your children. To name just a few, try out “Ala Too”, “Kalypso” or “Royal Fish”. With their slides and large pools, your children won’t get bored.

  The best things to do in Bishkek with your family  

Go to an arts, culture or cooking workshop

If your children are creative, why not bring them to a workshop? This will allow them to learn more about Kyrgyz culture while having fun. Several studios offer painting, cooking, sewing, ceramic or felt workshops, among others.

You can also send your children to a komuz lesson. Komuz is the national instrument, a little guitar with three cords carved in apricot wood. All Kyrgyz children learn to play the komuz. Your children can also try traditional dancing if you want them to learn more about the country.

Try also a cooking master class for the whole family. You can learn how to cook pizza, Korean dishes, cakes or, better yet, traditional dishes like lagman or plov. Workshops are a great activity to do with your family to make your trip in Kyrgyzstan perfect.


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