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Climbing Peak Lenin: our tips to get ready

Climbing Peak Lenin: our tips to get ready

Feb 24 2020

Located in the Pamir Mountains at the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, the Lenin Peak attracts alpinists from around the world. It’s one of Central Asia’s five 7000m summits, and considered as the easiest to climb. But with its altitude of 7134m, it’s still a difficult climb, so here are our tips to help you prepare your trip to Peak Lenin.

  Climbing Peak Lenin: our tips to get ready  

Peak Lenin: Not an easy climb  

7134m high, the Lenin Peak is known for being the most accessible 7000m summit in the world. But even if this summit does not require technical climbing skills, you still need to be prepared before trying to reach the Lenin Peak. Before starting your climb, make sure to have a minimum of mountaineering experience and excellent physical readiness.

No 7000m summit can be « easy ». The Peak Lenin has slopes at 45°, glaciers, and high altitude, meaning you’ll need to know how to use crampons, how to use ropes, and how to deal with altitude sickness. Before signing up for an expedition to the Lenin Peak, make sure to have previous mountaineering experience.

You need to prepare both physically and psychologically. Don’t try the climb without having previous regular physical training. You should also take your time to get acclimatized, meaning you’ll have to climb up to the higher camps and go back down to base camp, before actually reaching the summit. This may be frustrating and exhausting, but it’s the only way to keep you safe during this trip. Make sure to discuss your plans with your doctor before leaving for such an expedition.

Climbing Peak Lenin doesn’t only necessitate a good physical condition, but also a strong mental state. It’s not just a physical challenge: like any other, this ascension is a human adventure that requires patience, courage and compassion. Usually, the success rate on the Lenin is of about 30%. Ideally, try to climb a summit at 6000m before heading to Peak Lenin.  

  Climbing Peak Lenin: our tips to get ready  

When it’s best to go

Plan your trip to the Lenin Peak between June and September, ideally in July or August for better weather. The rest of the year, harsh climate conditions make the ascension very difficult and dangerous, with high risks of avalanches, hidden crevasses and blizzards.  Even in the summer, you might have bad weather, in which case your guide will cancel the expedition.

In any case, you’ll have to expect important temperature contrasts during your stay at the camps. Above 4000m altitude, the temperature can go down to around -30°C at night. It’s always freezing on the summit.

  Climbing Peak Lenin: our tips to get ready  

Getting good equipment

Once you’re sure you’re physically and mentally fit for such an expedition, you’ll have to get good equipment to help your climb. You’ll need warm and technical clothes, excellent and comfortable shoes and crampons, a very warm sleeping bag, a mattress, gloves and a hat, an ice ax and a harness… When you book your trip, make sure to ask what is provided by the travel agency.

Avoid taking too many things and remember that you’ll have to carry your bag up to the higher camps, and this will slow you down. Of course, you can hire porters if needed.  

If you have any questions about preparing your climb of the Lenin Peak, feel free to contact our agency. If you feel like you’re not ready for such a technical challenge, you can start with lower peaks, like Peak Uchitel or Peak Razdelnaya. In any case, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Kyrgyzstan, because this landlocked mountainous country is a real paradise for alpinists!


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